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Enterprise Risk Management

Independent schools face a business environment that is growing in scope and complexity, including non-traditional business ventures; online courses and international academic programs; increased use of information technology and increased regulatory requirements.

Schools that fail to assess and plan for the potential risks may open themselves up to missed opportunities, fines, increased regulatory enforcement and tarnished reputations. Schools that respond appropriately to the challenges will not only be more agile in managing the associated risks, but also find opportunities for growth.

BlumShapiro's ERM Process

At BlumShapiro, our ERM team has extensive experience and a strong understanding of independent schools—their culture, systems, organization and external environment. We work with our clients to help address the unacceptable risks and missed opportunities that can significantly impact the school’s success—helping to explore “what needs to go right” and “what can’t go wrong.” We look at each client’s unique needs and develop a deeper understanding of their business, systems, external environment and organizational culture in order to build an ongoing ERM business that adds value for our clients.

Within the four-stage process, distinct elements of our methodology include:

Stage 1: Risk Identification

Stage 2: Risk Assessment

Stage 3: Management and Treatment

Stage 4: Monitoring and Communication

We will tailor our methodology to address each client’s individual needs and culture. This positions us to deliver superior services that clients like you expect from a trusted business advisor.



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